Be gentle and not cruel. Embrace humility more than arrogance. Thank others more than you accept thanks. Feel compassion more than apathy. See what others ignore. Hold others close more than you push them aside. Learn more than you teach. Be present more than absent. Give more than you take. -Joanne Cacciatore

Friday, July 2, 2010

Little Boys Big Dreams...

Braxton listening and learning

Braxton is Action

Head BYU Football Coach Mendenhall

Three boys living there dream

Best Friends Forever

I know that I have been sucking at this Blog so I will try to stay on it. I always forget to take my camera with me but this time I let the boys have the camera. Braxton and Awsten were able to head to the BYU football camp. Our friend Brian, his boy, tj, and there little friend all came along and it was a adventure of a lifetime. Braxton was able to play and Awsten just got to spend some time with Daddy. It was fun to hear all about my little boys dreams coming true. He was able to even play on the BYU football Field in the stadium. Thats a big dang deal. He has his mind made up he will be there quarterback and he will do whatever it takes to reach that point. He got to meet Head Coach Mendenhall who explained to the children that he runs his football team off of 5 simple steps:
1: Faith
2: Family
3. Knowledge
4. Friends
He has been told by MANY coaches that you cant base a football team off of that but only 4 schools out of the whole division1 football teams have a better stats then BYU. So that is pretty neat. So those are the five things Braxton has decided he will focus on :) Go cougars!

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