Be gentle and not cruel. Embrace humility more than arrogance. Thank others more than you accept thanks. Feel compassion more than apathy. See what others ignore. Hold others close more than you push them aside. Learn more than you teach. Be present more than absent. Give more than you take. -Joanne Cacciatore

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Happy Fathers Day Cameron...


Whats Dad's favorite color?
Braxton: Blue
Awsten: White
Hailey: Pink

Whats Dad's Favorite Food?
Braxton: Turkey
Awsten: Trees a.k.a. Brocolli
Hailey: Pickles with Mustard

What's Dad's favorite drink?
Braxton: Mt. Dew
Awsten: Water
Hailey: Rootbeer

What's Dad's Chores?
Braxton: Mow the lawn, keep backyard clean, clean bedroom, make sure front yard clean.
Awsten: To clean the front yard
Hailey: Front yard has to clean that, clean backyard, clean up Poop

What's Dad's Job?
Braxton: Close life apps
Awsten: Has to help people get cars, buy cars, give cars away
Hailey: Primerica, he talks thats all

How old is Dad?
Braxton: 30
Awsten: 15
Hailey: 21

Who is Dad's Best Friend?
Braxton: I dont know
Awsten: Don
Hailey: Jeremy

How long has mommy and daddy been married?
Braxton: 8 years
Awsten: 100 years
Hailey: 21 years

What is Father's Day?
Braxton: Where you celebrate Fathers day and do stuff for your father
Awsten: Where you get to go camping and shooting...yeah
Hailey: Dad is Fathers day

Babe, you are a wonderful Dad to our children. Always there for everything and work your butt off so hard for this family! We love you and hope that everyday is all about you NOT just today :) Happy Fathers Day


  1. Cute post! I like how you quizzed the kids on their daddy:) Their answers are so funny!