Be gentle and not cruel. Embrace humility more than arrogance. Thank others more than you accept thanks. Feel compassion more than apathy. See what others ignore. Hold others close more than you push them aside. Learn more than you teach. Be present more than absent. Give more than you take. -Joanne Cacciatore

Saturday, May 19, 2012

one "blank" of a week...

WOW!!!  This has been one of those weeks you appreciate the google phone which makes sure you dont miss any meetings! Its been so busy.  Its the kids last full week of school so each day is something to remember. However these last three days I dont know which day is which.. I could swear today was Sunday.  Hailey having kindergarten testing all week did not have school until Wednesday which she passed and now will go into the Duel Immersion program learning Chinese half of her day!  She is super excited about that.  She started off the week with some apple slicing fun and sliced off her pinky finger.  It was a nasty mess and I called Brandon he told me to put it on ice and I did and we headed to instacare.  Two hours later they had to cauterize it because it wouldnt stop bleeding.  Great way to start off my week!
Wednesday morning we got to also see Uncle Zack at Pineview highschool perform as Elvis and that was a blast!  Then on Thursday night Hailey performed with the Vault aka Kalamity Group at Tuachan.  She did a kick butt job for only have gone three times!  We cheered our hearts out for her and she has the biggest smile ever on her face!!! She did so good! So proud of her!!! 

 Then our Friday started out where we got to go to Braxtons classroom and watch him receive an award for the highest math achievement award.  He passed off all times tables and division front and back!  He was super excited and got to pick any treat from Miss Spencer.  She is sure a fun teacher.  We have really enjoyed her! She loves having Braxton in her class he also likes being the teachers pet!
 Then as Friday went on we had Awstens end of the year "mock" birthday party!  His real birthday is not until July 29th but I throw him a school party every year.  He had 20 yeah thats right 20 kids show up for his party!!! Spoiled little thing.  We went swimming (I head counted 4 million times) and then had a BBQ at the house!  It had to be the fastest 2.5 hours!  We just laughed, yelled, and had a ton of fun!!!
 Then we got to spend today with some of our friends from the College Married Ward! Landon & Cinthia Lounsbury!  We always have a blast laughing and laughing and laughing with them.  In the middle of the visit we decided lets get up and go to the semi-pro football game in town so we did.  It was a blast! Really fun!  The boys went over to play football in the grass as we talked and watched the game. Next thing we know a little girl about 12 years old comes running up the bleachers holding my 67lb son. I mean buff stuff she is.  His knee is sliced open.  We load up and go to the ER cuz its 9:39 pm and it was packed so we called Dixie Pediatric Night light and they were open and not busy.  We took Awsten in and got him checked out! 12 stitches later he is all better!  Hailey was about bawling her little eyes dry.  She was so sad her brother was hurt she did not know what to do with herself!  It was a very sweet moment! However I had to make her leave the room with Cameron because it was too sad!!!  He was a tough bugger and the Dr. said he would be all better in a few weeks.  I told him the Dr. was making his knee look like a football so that made him happy! Once again tried to wrap it up with red but that isnt a option so we went with Pink for Team Ashley.  We left around 10 pm and they wanted to call Ashley and tell her! HAHA! So cute!
so that sums up my week!!! Now I am going to make a wish at 11:11 like I do every night so I hope ya'll have a safe Sunday!!!

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