Be gentle and not cruel. Embrace humility more than arrogance. Thank others more than you accept thanks. Feel compassion more than apathy. See what others ignore. Hold others close more than you push them aside. Learn more than you teach. Be present more than absent. Give more than you take. -Joanne Cacciatore

Monday, December 27, 2010

Christmas 2010

Christmas shopping was almost ALL done our crazy Black Friday but thanks to Bed Rest the rest of the shopping has SUCKED for me. A HUGE THANKS to my mom and Stephanie who went and did the rest of the shopping for me. They even stood in line for a hour just to complete my grocery shopping list!!! Not to mention the free site to store offered by Walmart. I have to say...I could get addicted to online shopping and gifts delivered to my house :) No fail though Christmas went off like a charm...

Christmas Eve Eve we had a visit from Santa Clause. This was unexpected so my kids were not dressed LOL! He came and told them to be good because he will be coming by soon! The kids loved it.

Then Christmas Eve came so quick. We started off with having to give Hailey her adorable boots for her birthday but I could not resist. She loved them. The kids all took pictures for me and did great.

We headed to Stephanies for a wonderful Christmas eve dinner and it looked beautiful just like us girls imagined it up in our head... I have to say even better.

Then Alisha put on a Christmas White Elephant kid version gift exchange and this is what the kids all got....Grandpa even wanted to celebrate in the fun...

Then from there we headed to Cameron's parents house and celebrate the festivities. I was so excited for Danielle to open her gift and her face made it all worth it...
We had to leave because I was not feeling good and we had more to do before santa came.

We headed to my moms house where the Christmas Mouse came and dropped of PJ's for everyone... he somehow knew my boys LOVE BYU so the attire was provided for. Jaerick got cars, Hailey got Hannah Montana, Braxton and Awsten BYU, TJ army, Steph and Tim and Cameron and I pretty close to matching...

We then all loaded up in my Dad's car which is a tradition...All stuffed in SCREAMING out Christmas Carols. It was hot, smelly *thanks to the toots* and a TON OF FUN...

Once we got home, off to bed we went for Santa Claus was coming... we left out cake and carrots and he loved them it seems.He did not waist any time leaving presents under the tree and stockings filled to the rim.

Christmas was soooo much fun, fun, fun....the gifts were endless, time with family was priceless, I have to say one of the best ever!!!


  1. Looks like you guys had a great Christmas. Santa knows how to treat the Turnbows!!
    I am glad you are felling better and off of bed rest.
    Your kids are the same ages(and sex) as my three oldest. They are even in the same grades. If you are ever up this way we should get together...you can even stay at our house. That would be a blast. We will give you a call next time we are down by St. George.

  2. I can't believe how beautiful the dinner was! I'm sad we weren't there. Looks like the gift opening was fun!