Be gentle and not cruel. Embrace humility more than arrogance. Thank others more than you accept thanks. Feel compassion more than apathy. See what others ignore. Hold others close more than you push them aside. Learn more than you teach. Be present more than absent. Give more than you take. -Joanne Cacciatore

Wednesday, July 14, 2010


Cousins (a few were sick)

(my dorky kids)

Yes I forgot the camera for most the day. We spent the 4th in St. George and I have to say it is the first time they made a big deal and I was VERY impressed with the whole day. The parade was awesome. We then went to breakfast which was delicious then spent the day playing.... for fireworks we sat on someones lawn and basically had the ash falling on us so it was FABULOUS! Saint George really made up for all the CRAPPY 4th of July's they have had! In Utah they dont celebrate ANY holiday on Sunday so we had a Saturday fourth celebration, Sunday fourth celebration, and ended it with a Monday celebration! Only in UTAH! Gotta love it!


  1. like you didn;t post the pics with jaer rude!

  2. Don't you hate it when you forget the dang camera?! I get so mad...but at least you got some pics eventually! I wish we had come to SG..Cedar's fireworks were LAAAAAME!

  3. I loved how utah never had the 4th on sunday. It was so strange doing all the independence day festivies on Sunday. Glad you had a good time. Cute blog by the way :)