Be gentle and not cruel. Embrace humility more than arrogance. Thank others more than you accept thanks. Feel compassion more than apathy. See what others ignore. Hold others close more than you push them aside. Learn more than you teach. Be present more than absent. Give more than you take. -Joanne Cacciatore

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Surgery...car wrecks...loss of a husband.

This Friday the 13th will for sure be one to remember....Where to start.... My brother and his family were headed out for some camping since it was his 1st 3 day weekend while doing his residency in Detroit. They were so excited...my niece over skype asked me if I would go and it just melted my heart! I miss them tons and love them....well as they are about ten minutes from there camp ground. Brandon rams into a 80 years old Lady's car! He had his car, and her car towed. Being the great man he is made sure the lady was okay but she did have a huge bump on her head. He couldnt get home, no car, no rentals, no cabs...(no cell phones either they both died) so he thought up a great idea...call the tow truck company and see if they tow people...Well the man (in the middle of his kids birthday party) came and got Brandon, Golden Spice, Cody, Julia, and Denton and all went good from there. They are home safe and sound and no camping for the three day weekend...Maybe in the basement :)
Next...is the saddest part of Friday the 13th. Word spread that Trevor Stephenson had passed away. I grew up sharing a back yard with Trevor for the first part of our life in Washington. Holly and him were both in our school and ward and they were wonderful wonderful wonderful people. They have 4 beautiful children who just melt your heart and are splitting images of there Daddy. Wednesday her kids began school and though we do not talk we sure keep updated through blogs and facebook. Thursday Trevor chose to return to Heavenly Father and Holly and her boys will be moving from Arizona to Spokane by Tuesday. It breaks my heart so much it was hard to sleep last night. I just see and remember both of them and I just could never imagine the pain that both of them must feel. I am sad for those boys and my heart breaks for Holly. Her whole world changed in one day and that is something I cannot even imagine. My heart goes out to all of them and I wish nothing but good things for them. Rest in Peace Trevor....
Last but not least.... My mother went into surgery! She had her tale (bone) removed. When the Doctor went in on Friday he saw her tale bone actually had been broken into two places and they were growing apart. Sort of like a upside down Y. The doctor said he was amazed she has lasted this long. Stephanie and I decided there is nothing worse then surgery pain and the recovery process so we went nutsos on her room and had so much fun doing it. First we decorated with a ton of stars on the ceiling. We figured my dad would love it! We covered her whole room in Blue for BYU streamers and brought in a table for waters and tissues. We bought her a basket of goodies (back scratcher, hot pads, cold pads, eye covers for sleep, calendars, book lamps, and a puzzle)
We also made this huge banner that said Rebecca Juanita Chicken Fajita get well soon. That comes from her nick name because she always ordered chicken fajitas from Jack In the Box. Its stuck for years. We signed it for the 500 grand kids and the siblings and spouses. I had some issues spelling Juanita for some reason and so we had to make the rest funky. 10 years since I graduated what can I say :)
We bought her a balloons which each had meaning and put quotes up. The balloons were the best.... 1. Princess ( cuz she is one) 2. Get well (pretty self explanatory) 3. Welcome Home (red white and blue her fav colors) and the 4. Walmart smiley man cuz I LOVE WALMART!!! The quotes were funny...One said If you think nobody cares about you miss a few mortgage payments....another said man who goes to bed with a itchy butt wakes up with a smelly finger...Just fun uplifting things like that!
So for a Friday the 13th I think I need a little RR! I hope that everyone gets through these hard times and I am sorry that any of you have had to go through these things in life!!!

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